How Women Drive ESG Innovative Practices - BEYOND 2024

How Women Drive ESG Innovative Practices - BEYOND 2024

In this era of #transformationand #innovation, the power of women is shining brightly in the tech industry. We are excited to announce that Karen Wang represented Climind at the 2024 BEYOND #SheTechSummit in Macau. She joined the “How Women Drive ESG Innovative Practices” roundtable forum, bringing together outstanding female leaders from various fields to discuss how women are driving #ESG(Environmental, Social, and Governance) innovative practices.

Karen Wang was joined by distinguished panelists including Winnie Feng, Partner and Lead of Risk Advisory for Southern China at Deloitte China, Ting Li, Managing Director and Chief Representative of the Beijing Office at Rocky Mountain Institute, and Di Cao, Co-Founder of Buydeem. Together, they will explore the crucial role of women in addressing global climate change and environmental governance, and how they are advancing the implementation of ESG principles in corporate practices.

We look forward to the 2024 BEYOND SheTech Summit, where many exceptional female leaders will gather to envision a bright future driven by women's innovative practices in ESG. Stay tuned for our updates and join us in witnessing the exciting moments of this tech extravaganza!
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