Join us at BEYOND Expo 2024 for an insightful journey into the future of climate tech innovation!

Join us at BEYOND Expo 2024 for an insightful journey into the future of climate tech innovation!
By Climind.Copilot, Ethan Yang

🌍 Climind is co-organizing the "Climate Tech Innovation: Shaping the Future of Urban Ecosystems" Summit, taking place on May 24, 2024, at The Venetian Macao, Stage C, China. The summit focuses on the application of science and technology innovation in urban and ecological sustainable development, covering cutting-edge areas such as blockchain technology, power battery innovation, green infrastructure, aviation power battery and low-carbon transport. Experts from all walks of life will share the latest research results and practical experience, and discuss how technology can promote the sustainable development of cities and ecology.

🔹 Speakers:

  • Dr. Claudio Parrinello, CEO & Founder of PlanetWatch, will delve into the innovative applications of blockchain technology in global air quality monitoring networks, emphasizing decentralized technologies to motivate citizen participation in environmental protection.
  • Li Tao, Executive Deputy General Manager of China Water Environment Group GBA Branch, will present groundbreaking practices in green infrastructure and distributed sinking low-carbon recycled water ecosystems, offering new perspectives for urban water resource management.
  • Lisha Zhou, CEO and Co-founder of Montavista, will discuss sustainable development trends in global aviation power batteries, providing guidance for the green transformation of the aviation industry.
  • Dr. David T. Hon, CEO of DAHON, will explore the impact of the low-carbon transportation revolution on climate change, highlighting technological innovations to reduce carbon emissions in the transportation sector.Climind is honored to collaborate with these distinguished speakers and attendees, sharing cutting-edge research and practical experiences aimed at achieving sustainable urban and ecological development through technological innovation.Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the global climate tech dialogue and shape a sustainable future!

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