Introducing Climind.Copilot

Introducing Climind.Copilot
Climind provides Large language model (LLM)-enabled copilot exclusively for climate change, bridges the gap between data and effective climate actions for business.

Climind is more than A GPT for Climate

It's a conversational engine designed for climate specific scenarios. We combine search indices with a fact database to answer your climate-related questions, facilitate deeper exploration, and easily share insights. This empowers businesses to increase productivity and effectively engage in climate action.

Tailored for Climate Scenarios

Climind's AI model encompasses a comprehensive knowledge base, covering 14 sectors such as green finance, climate policy, and renewable energy, and 7 professional sources, deeply entrenched in climate expertise.

Corpus and Database Covering

Start your Journey at Climind

Start your Journey at Climind
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Best Practice

Best Practice of Climind.Copilot
Climind offers a more comprehensive climate GPT with capabilities of facilitating customized business senerio, including ESG reporting, climate policy analysis, physical & transition risk assessment, and climate stress testing, to enable informed, climate-conscious decisions. Climind improves ef…